This came with my house!

Yup, my very own Holly Tree. But I put up some lights and a wreath as well. I will not win any contests for the best Christmas displays but I really do enjoy my little decorations anyways. Merry Chris [...]

The beginning of tech

Yup. About 15 minutes after my dad said you could make a telephone out of 2 cans and a string, my sisters and I had one up and running. My dad may be the guy they modeled McGyver after.


Google and YouTube for learning…

If you want free lessons in how to use software, YouTube is your friend. You can watch an almost infinite number of tutorials on just about every piece of software ever made. Some are better than othe [...]

1Password, a tip you can use…

for the rest of your life. One Password is a password manager for both Mac and Windows. You never have to remember a password again. You save time. You save aggravation. And you gain peace of mind thr [...]

Full site redesign. Coming soon!

Either you will see it this Saturday, or, slightly more likely, you will see it next Saturday. I will be using state of the art WordPress technology. There is nothing slicker, newer, cooler, or more b [...]

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